A Focus on History

A note on documents:

As a historian, documents are my stock & trade. The memories of people who built, worked at and visited all these Florida locations are important and valuable, but memories fade, distort or get confused. Just because someone or something sounds authoritative doesn’t mean they are.

Except in unusual cases, all documents shown on Stingray Tom’s Florida are more than twenty years old. By that point few are relevant beyond historical use. Few parts of the world evolve as quickly as Florida. This is especially true of Florida’s tourism attractions.

Some documents contain the date of publication but many do not. I’ve done my best to fix a date to all documents. Some can be accurately dated by style or what the image shows. Some can be dated based on how I collected the items. Other ways include evolving printing and photographic styles, materials used, clothing, hair styles, car models, cross-checking with other documents etc. This is one of the biggest jobs of the archivist. You will see either an exact year or an “about” date on documents.

Gatorland Zoo, Orlando