1939 New York World’s Fair

The first of New York City’s Great World’s Fairs was one of the many international exhibitions in which the State of Florida presented it’s agriculture and tourism offerings.

Florida’s pavilion and exhibition space at the fair measured 2.5 acres (1 hectare) – likely the largest area dedicated to a US state. It was on the west shore of Fountain Lake and it was an attempt to recreate Florida’s “tropical paradise”.

Florida was located in the Amusement Section which was also referred to as the Great White Way in the guide map. It was on Orange Blossom Lane, pretty much by itself, on the opposite side of the lake from most of the attractions.

Visitors could experience Florida’s natural and human-made points of interest, along with advances in art, science, and industry. The Florida Promotional Book (link below), produced for the fair, shows a great deal of the types of subjects covered in the pavilion.

1939 New York World’s Fair Florida Promotional Book

1939 New York World’s Fair Postcards

1939 New York World’s Fair Press Photos

1939 New York World’s Fair Guide Map

1939 NY World’s Fair Carillon Brochure

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