Bellm Cars and Music of Yesterday Postcards

These are postcards from Bellm Cars and Music of Yesterday in Sarasota. They are dated from 1968 – 1973.

Descriptions for each card:
Symphonion Model 106 – Rare 17 5/8″ triple disc, in a large upright piano styled mahogany case, with 3 spring motors and 6 sublime harmonic combs.
1900 Mobile Steamer, Mobile Co. of America, Tarrytown, New York – 2 cylinders, chain drive and steered with a tiller. Made from 1899 to 1903.
Wurlitzer Encore Banjo; Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violano = piano & violins; Wurlitzer Harp, style A
Large Welte Orchestrion, Nubian Girl, Tour guide holding Bird Cage surrounded by Antique animated music boxes.
3 Orchestrions in ice cream parlor setting. L to R – Cremona J. Seeburg H with band organ carving on top, Peerless Arcadian.
Gem Roller Organ, Parlor Model Orguinette with stool, Floor model Tournaphone, Boudoir floor model Organette.
27″ Regina automatic Changer; 32″ Regina with drums, bells, cymbal; 32″ Regina automatic changer; 20 3/4″ Regina automatic changer