Horn’s Cars of Yesterday and Music Box Arcade Record c1960

This is a 7 inch, 45 RPM record from Horn’s Cars of Yesterday and Music Box Arcade in Sarasota. The record is undated but it’s likely from the early 1960s.

It’s narrated by Bob Horn, the owner of the attraction. It contains 11 short songs that are played on antique music boxes and a hurdy gurdy from the Horn collection. All in all, the recordings are in excellent condition. The record was likely played only a few times over the years and was recorded and converted into high-quality digital files in 2020.

Below the images of the record are the recordings of the A and B sides. They are in video format and are accompanied by photos from Horn’s brochures as well as closeups of the music boxes featured on the back of the record’s cover.

Side A
Side B