Bok Tower – Bird Songs of the Mountain Lake Sanctuary Record 1970

This is a 7 inch, 33⅓ RPM record from Bok Tower Gardens, alternatively known as the Mountain Lake Sanctuary. It’s dated 1970.

The record contains 20 bird songs or calls of birds that are native to the Bok Tower property: Mockingbird, red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina wren, wood duck, yellow-shafted flicker, tufted titmouse, great crested flycatcher, eastern meadowlark, bobwhite, fish crow, blue jay, brown thrasher, cardinal, Parula warbler, white-eyed vireo, rufus-sided towhee, red-headed woodpecker, screech owl, Chuck-Will’s-widow and the common nighthawk.

The recording was narrated by Bert Devitt. There’s an excerpt of a song played on the world-famous carillon at Bok Tower. Credits for that are on the back of the record cover.

All in all, the recordings are in excellent condition. The record was likely played only a few times over the years and was recorded and converted into high-quality digital files in 2020.

Below the images are the side A and side B recordings in video format. They’re accompanied by images of Bok Tower as well as images of some of the birds featured on the record. All bird images are by Stingray Tom’s Florida.

Side A
Side B