Evergreen Cemetery – Bushnell

A nice cemetery with an odd white tower in the middle and a pet cemetery on the side.

The city of Bushnell began in 1884, with the Bushnell post office created in 1885. Evergreen Cemetery appears to have been established not too long after, with burials dating in the 1890s still visible.

There’s a nice mixture of old and new, large and small headstones throughout the cemetery, as well as plenty of trees and greenery, so it’s a lot of fun to explore the grounds.

Evergreen’s pet cemetery is an unusual addition to a cemetery managed by a city, at least in my experience. As can be seen by the photos, there’s a sign directing people to the pet area on a shed by the dumpster. It’s located in the southwest corner of the cemetery. There are quite a few markers for beloved pets, including both professionally made ones and those that have appear to be created by children.

And then there’s the white tower in the center of the cemetery. The bronze marker placed nearby reads: “In memory of Nettie Peterson Edwards and other interested persons whose contributions made possible the erection of this memorial. 1961” A rather enigmatic statement. The tower, which is 28 feet (8.5 m) tall, is made of concrete blocks and has speakers on the top surrounded by what looks to be an iron railing. One side has a door.

The marker calls the tower a memorial, but it’s unclear as to who or what it memorializes. The marker itself is a memorial to the people who contributed to make the tower. So far, the representatives from the city of Bushnell I’ve spoken to don’t know the story of Evergreen Cemetery’s White Tower.

The photos are from a 2018 visit.

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