Micanopy Pet Cemetery

Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park – A quiet place in rural Florida that honors the love between humans and their pets.

Created in 1980, the Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park is located near the small town of Micanopy in Alachua County. It’s on US Route 441 south of the town across the highway from Tuscawilla Lake. It’s one of the larger pet cemeteries in Florida – especially considering it’s in a fairly out-of-the-way place.

As written on its website, the Garden of Love Pet Memorial Park was originally founded by Dot and Frank Stout and in 2002 was purchased by Dr. Linda McCollough, doctor of Veterinary Medicine and owner of Haile Plantation Animal Clinic. Dr. McCollough continues to be the owner of the cemetery.

Located in a beautiful old oak hammock, it has a fairly good sized plot of land and quite a few burials and monuments. The website lists multiple services for both burials as well as cremated remains.

There are several statues in the cemetery, including the largest, located by the entrance, that shows an angel cradling a cat while a dog and horse stand close by. There is also a statue of St. Francis, the Roman Catholic saint who is a patron of animals. St. Francis stands in his own garden that is the place for the scattering of pet ashes.

There is also a formal garden with numerous stone grave markers with dedications to dogs and cats and a family estate area – a home for families who desire to have their multiple pets resting together.

It’s a great place to visit – especially in connection with the old Micanopy Cemetery (for humans) and the historic town of Micanopy, itself.

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