Hal W. Adams Bridge

These are photos from a visit to the Hal W. Adams Bridge that crosses the Suwannee River between Suwannee and Lafayette Counties, just 3 miles (4.8 km) north of the town of Mayo.

Built in 1947, it was the first suspension bridge built in Florida. It has a 423 foot (129 m) span and a total length of 687 feet (209 m). It carries Florida State Route 51 (SR 51) over the Suwannee. This is the only suspension bridge in Florida that carries cars and trucks.

Hal Worthen Adams (1884-1968) had been a circuit judge in both Suwannee and Lafayette Counties.

One interesting aspect of the bridge is that the main suspension cables are actually 8 separate cables. This can be seen where the cables start. They are completely separate and then are only held together by the tops of the suspender cables, which connect the main cables to the bridge deck.

The Hal W. Adams bridge is an important stop on any trip that is following the Suwannee River, either by car or by boat.