Kraft Azalea Park

A Highlight on the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, Kraft Azalea is also a popular location for weddings.

This is a park located in the city of Winter Park. Kraft Azalea fronts onto Lake Maitland, one of the Winter Park chain of lakes and is tucked away in a residential neighborhood.

The city keeps it in a semi-natural state with large bald cypress and oak trees along the lake as well as many of the namesake azaleas.

It’s a popular spot for weddings but has no facilities for anything other than an attractive outdoor ceremony. At only 11 acres it’s small, but it’s a great place to see waterfowl, such as heron, egret and anhinga as well as the occasional hawk or owl.

The Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour, one of Orange County’s oldest attractions in its own right, passes the park on every tour. The tour gives a good view of the old trees draped in Spanish moss.