NY World’s Fair Album 1964

This is a record album from 1964 that was created as a promotional product for Florida’s involvement in the 1964 New York World’s Fair that ran from 1964 into 1965.

The album was produced by YG Records. Words and music were by Ruben J. Yocum. It’s unclear if the state of Florida had a direct connection with the album as there’s no mention of any state department or committee on the album.

Florida had a very significant presence at the world’s fair.
For information as to what Florida presented at the fair as well as attractions related to the state, check out the Fair’s Official Guide.

Below are the 11 tracks from the album with images from the world’s fair.

Meet Me in Florida at the World’s Fair in NY
A Porpoise Really Talked to Me
Underneath the Fabulous Florida Moon
Swanee River
(The officially accepted spelling in Florida is Suwannee, though Stephen Foster’s song “Old Folks at Home” used the spelling and simplified pronunciation “Swanee”)
Remember with Flowers
Florida Intercoastal Waterway
(Correct spelling: Intracoastal)
Hello, Florida, Hello
Cypress Gardens
On the Gold Coast
Florida the World Loves You
Sailing Down to Biscayne Bay