Walt Disney World Resort Slides c1973

This is a collection of GAF Pana-Vue slides from around 1973. Pana-Vues were typically sold in sets of 5 slides, so this represents 3 sets. The titles for each slide is what’s printed on the original slide. Pana-Vue slides were not equal to the quality of most contemporary slide films so over the years most of them have degraded to shades of red. Because of this, I have done my best to bring the colors back to original.

Only the Treasure Island set has its title card. The other two sets are for the Contemporary Hotel and Polynesian Village Hotel, the two original hotels at Walt Disney World.

Treasure Island is a small island in Bay Lake. It opened as an attraction in 1974 as a small zoo. Not too much later it was renamed Discovery Island. The zoo operated until 1999. It primarily closed because Walt Disney World had opened its forth theme park – Animal Kingdom (AK) – in 1998. Animal Kingdom is a fully-fledged zoo. When AK opened, the central hub that was part of the park was named Safari Village, but after Discovery Island closed in 1999, Safari Village was renamed to Discovery Island.

The Contemporary Resort is located on the shore of Bay Lake but can also see the nearby Seven Seas Lagoon. Seven Seas Lagoon was created by the Disney company and is attached to Bay Lake – a natural body of water.

The Polynesian Village Resort is on the Seven Seas Lagoon directly across from the Magic Kingdom.

Pana-Vue Slides: Florida Through the Lens