Walt Disney World Polaroid Guide 1979

This is a 30 page guide to Walt Disney World that was sponsored by the Polaroid Corporation. The guide is dated 1979.

The Polaroid Corporation was a manufacturer of both still and movie cameras – its still cameras used self-developing film that meant the photos could be seen within a few moments of being taken. At the time, Polaroid was one of the many corporate sponsors of Walt Disney World and they had an offer of free rental of cameras to guests during their visit to WDW. Guests would only have to pay for film.

Other corporate sponsors listed in the guide include: Gerber, Gulf Oil, Florida Citrus Growers, Kikkoman, Elgin Clocks, Smucker’s Jams, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Welch’s. RCA, General Electrics, Eastern Airlines and Monsanto.