Spook Hill

Spook Hill is Florida’s most unlikely tourist attraction, yet it’s been popular for decades.

Oddly enough, this famous tourist site isn’t even a wide spot in the road, yet thousands visit the spot every year. Located in Lake Wales, not far from Bok Tower Gardens, it sits directly outside of Spook Hill Elementary School, possibly the only school in the world named after such a phenomenon.

When visiting Spook Hill there is a large sign explaining how you roll uphill in your car. I have no intention of spoiling the fun with an explanation, so I’ll leave it at that.

The legend of Spook Hill has changed over the years including a rotating cast of characters who unexpectedly came across the phenomenon.

It’s unknown when the first person discovered it, but presumably it happened in an automobile. I assume it only works in motorized vehicles.

Spook Hill, like Bok Tower, sits in the midst of the Lake Wales Ridge, the highest points of land in southern Florida. This area was a string of islands between two and three million years ago when most of Florida was underwater.

By the way, Spook Hill Elementary’s mascot is Casper the Friendly Ghost. That’s pretty awesome in itself.

Here is a brochure that shares one version of the story of Spook Hill

A collection of Spook Hill postcards