Gasparilla Island Light 2016 Visit

These images are from a 2016 exploration of the Gasparilla Island Light located on Gasparilla Island. The light is very accessible both from the main road heading south to the Port Boca Grande Light and from the beach.

I’d guess that few visitors to the island pay much attention to the light considering it’s not what most people think of as attractive. It’s a basic metal tower – really just a tube large enough to enclose a staircase that leads to the light at the top. The tower is supported by a gangly exoskeleton.

As of 2016, as you can see, the state of the light is in a semi-deserted state with a great deal of rust on most of its surfaces. The light is an interesting place to explore especially if you contrast it with the Port Boca Grande Light with its significantly different structure.

The vestibule that serves as the entrance to the tower is a fun aspect. From what I can tell, it serves little functional purpose because a simple door would work just as well.

I always feel a bit bad for lights of the Gasparilla Island type. They’re sort of the ugly duckling of the lighthouse world.

The Gasparilla Island Light main page.

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