Cape St. George Light

Constructed originally in 1847-48, this light is a true survivor – having collapsed and been rebuilt, not once, but twice.

Standing 72 feet (22m) high, the Cape St. George Light is one of Florida’s oldest lights. Built to replace an earlier light, the new light was moved to a more useful location. When only a few years old two hurricanes in 1850 and 1851 undermined the foundation and eventually toppled it.

Luckily, the first rebuild was what was needed and the third-order Fresnel lens that was installed gave the light a working range up to 15 nautical (28km) miles. This time the light lasted (more or less) until 2005.

Over the years several storms hurt the foundation and nesessitated repairs until the light collapsed once again.

Since this happened well after the Coast Guard decommissioned it in 1994, it took locals to lead the effort to rebuild it. By 2008 the project was complete and today the light is the centerpiece of a park well away from the beach and hopefully safe for another 150 years.

The images are from a 2014 visit.