Tupperware Headquarters Orlando 2018 Visit

These are images from a recent visit to Tupperware World Headquarters. As usual, the grounds were immaculate and staff friendly, though these days they seemed a bit surprised when a non-Tupperware person shows up.

The Confidence Center, which is part museum and part store, is located in the main building. You can enter the doors behind the “big ball of water” and someone at reception will direct you to it. There’s more staff in the store, of course, but the museum is no longer one that provides guided tours. They’re not needed anyhow as it has been reduced to displays and video screens that tell of Tupperware’s history.

The campus is somewhat interesting to explore, but remember this is a large office and conference center, so walking into any of the buildings other than the main one should be avoided. They have never manufactured their products here.

There are numerous markers and memorials, most of which explain the importance of the person being memorialized. There are also statues and other things such as the large block of gold-bearing ore.

It’s a shame that Tupperware no longer has a museum with a full kitchen and tours that tell the history of food storage (yes, even as I write that I realize it sounds silly, but it was a fun 30 minutes or so the few times I took the tour).

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