Ford Truck Times Magazine 1968

This is a Ford Truck Times Magazine from the summer of 1968 with two Florida articles about Lion Country Safari and treasure hunting in the Keys.

Lion Country Safari opened the year before and in early promotional material stated that its guests could rent Ford cars if they came to the park in a vehicle deemed unsafe for being surrounded by wild animals.

As shown in the article, lions were on the loose in the enclosures that visitors drove through. Eventually that ended and today they’re behind barriers, though most other animals roam freely.

The article was written by Brett Barton. There’s no attribution for the photographer.

The second article is about treasure hunting off-shore in the Keys. It’s well-known that the Spanish carried much of the riches of the “New World” to Spain by passing near the Keys and southeastern Florida. Due to hurricanes and other problems, some of the ships were lost and scattered their stolen silver, gold and gems throughout the shallows.

From the 1960s to the present treasure hunters have searched for the millions of dollars in lost booty.