Florida From the Air Book 1936

Florida From the Air is a 130 page book that was printed in 1936. It was published by the Aero-Graphic Corporation.

The book was created with the assistance of Eastern Air Lines, the Aviation Division of Florida State Road Department and the Florida State Chamber of Commerce. Assistance was also provided by various local chambers of commerce.

The book is filled with many black and white photographs that show how Florida was developing between WWI and WWII. This was a time when tourism was still in its early stages of development. Along with tourism, the book shows how the other forms of commerce were forming as well – This includes agriculture and industry growth.

Most of the photos are taken from planes and show city and town-scapes as well as many of the state’s airports. Many of those still used grass runways.

In several of the photos there are examples of Eastern Air Lines aircraft, the Douglas Aircraft Company’s DC-2. Eastern Air Lines (EAL) used the DC-2 for regular passenger service along the east coast of the US including in Florida.

The three EAL DC-2s shown in the book that can be identified by their registration numbers are NC-13733, NC-13734 and NC-14970.

NC-13733 was a DC-2-112, c/n (construction or serial number) 1259. This plane is believed to have been sent to Australia.

NC-13734 was a DC-2-112, c/n 1260. It’s believed to have crashed near Atlanta on 2/18/1939 and was damaged beyond repair. Further information about the plane has not been discovered, including details of the crash.

NC-14970 was a DC-2-171, c/n 1373. This plane also appears to have been sent to Australia, most likely after 1940.

All three aircraft do not appear to exist anymore.

On page 67 there is also an image of a Pan American Airways seaplane – Caribbean Clipper (NC81V). It’s a Sikorsky S40, one of only three planes built of that model. All three of them were built for Pan American and were even designed at the request of Pan American owner Juan Trippe. The other two were American Clipper (NC80V) and Southern Clipper (NC752V).