Walt Disney World Atlases Through the Years

This is a collection of Walt Disney World atlases spanning 34 years. Three of them were provided to cast members (employees) only. As a group they show the significant growth of the WDW property since opening in 1971.

The cast member atlases show behind-the-scene areas such as the famous Utilidors that run underneath the Magic Kingdom. More commonly known as tunnels, they are technically the first floor of the Magic Kingdom, as they were built above ground and then soil was filled in around them. So tourists walking on the Magic Kingdom pathways are actually on the second story of the building.

Each atlas shows the addition of a new Disney theme park. Starting with the Magic Kingdom, then EPCOT Center (currently Epcot), the Disney-MGM Studios (Disney’s Hollywood Studios) and finally Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

See below for links to each atlas.

Walt Disney World Cast Atlas 1974

Walt Disney World Cast Atlas 1986

Walt Disney Resort Map 1995

Walt Disney World Cast Atlas 1998