NY World’s Fair Official Guide 1964

This is part of the World’s Fair Official Guide that directly references Florida in some way. Florida’s footprint was large for this particular world’s fair with a pavillion and show areas.

Florida-related things to do included an entire pavilion with dozens of displays, flamingos, a 110 foot tower and even a live porpoise show. Other attractions not part of the Florida display included the replica of the HMS Bounty, built for the 1962 movie, Mutiny on the Bounty. After being on display at the World’s Fair, Bounty would eventually move to Tampa Bay and be an attraction in St. Petersburg.

The Fair was a huge success for Walt Disney and his company, which was asked to build attractions for Ford, General Electric, the state of Illinois and the UNICEF Pavilion, sponsored by Pepsi Cola. Those attractions would find their way to Disneyland after the fair and the Carousel of Progress and It’s a Small World would also be attractions less than a decade later at Walt Disney World.

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