Orange Blossom Trail Postcard Book 1947

This postcard book of the Orange Blossom Trail is dated 1947. It contains 18 images from the central part of the peninsula from the Stephen Foster Memorial south through Leesburg, Orlando and to Bok Tower in Lake Wales.

One picture shows “wood ibis” – these are correctly named wood storks today as they are closely related to other storks and not ibis. The wood stork is a relatively rare species today but is reported to be increasing in number.

Florida does have two species of ibis, the white ibis and the glossy ibis. They’re pretty much identical, except for coloration. White ibis are nearly all white as adults while glossy ibis have an iridescent color scheme with purples and greens amongst other colors. There is also scarlet ibis in the Caribbean which is pinkish-orange.

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