Ronnie’s Restaurant 1990

This is a two-sided brochure-sized postcard and is dated 1990. Ronnie’s Restaurant was in the Colonial Plaza Mall on Colonial Drive (State Highway 50) at Bumby Avenue. It opened in 1955 and was a combination restaurant and bakery.

Ronnie’s had a delicatessen focus even though the Jewish population of Orlando was tiny. It was a popular restaurant for the entire run, closing only when Colonial Plaza went through a major rebuild into an open-plan shopping center. It closed in 1995, only five years after this card was produced, ending a run of 40 years in Orlando. Larry Leckart and his family owned the restaurant.

In the years before Walt Disney chose the outskirts of Orlando to build his kingdom, Orlando’s visitors spent time in the area following simple pleasures such as visiting gardens, lawn bowling and playing shuffleboard. And Ronnie’s was one of the places they frequented for lunch and dinner.