Mount Dora c1960

This quad-fold brochure, created by the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce, is undated, but can be placed around 1960.

The brochure is for tourists and potential new residents and tells of high-quality schools, hotels and roads as well as typically Floridian leisure pursuits like shuffleboard, lawn bowling and golf.

Additionally, it mentions the Mount Dora Yacht Club (MDYC) – known as Florida’s oldest yacht club. Officially, it is the oldest of the clubs on inland waters. Founded in 1913 the club started on Lake Dora which had canal connections to the other lakes in the area. Eventually one can connect with the Ocklawaha River which feeds into the St. Johns River. The St. Johns leads to the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville. The MDYC has been seen a part of cultural Mount Dora for over 100 years. For instance, during WWII, many of its members left to fight, yet the club was still in use – the locals turned it into a United Service Organizations (USO) club where some 17,000 servicewomen and men were entertained and fed.