Florida State Museum c1975

In 1988, the Florida State Museum was renamed the Florida Museum of Natural History to better reflect its mission. There were also rumors that people in Gainesville didn’t care for anything called “Florida State”.

Today, the museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the country and with its focus on Florida and the Caribbean it’s a highly valuable resource for research in the state.

This tri-fold brochure is not dated, but is likely from the mid-1970s. While the museum collection has grown since that time, a large part of the sense of place you get from this brochure is still there when you visit.

Research collections include Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) Mammalogy (mammals), Ichthyology (fish), Malacology (mollusks), Botany (plants), Herpetology (amphibians and reptiles), Ornithology (birds) and Vertebrate Paleontology (fossils).

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