Central Florida Zoo c1976

This is a quad-fold brochure from the Central Florida Zoo. It’s undated, but is probably from 1976 considering the list of projects included in the brochure and what appears to have been finished.

The Central Florida Zoo began its life as the Sanford Zoo and was located in downtown Sanford close to the shore of Lake Monroe. It moved to its new site near Interstate 4 in 1975. It’s still there at the present.

You can check out this brochure to see early images of the Sanford Zoo.

The one really interesting aspect of the brochure is the cover. It’s a photo of a bald eagle. There’s no name or anything else. I suppose the designer felt that it either would be obvious it’s the zoo’s brochure when someone saw it, or maybe it was to be different than all the other brochures that prominently display attraction names, especially in brochure racks.