Osceola Groves c1960

Want to buy your very own orange grove? In the early 1960s you were able to by working with Osceola Groves. This tri-fold brochure explains the benefits. It’s undated, but is likely from the late 1950s or early 1960s.

The two-day tour outlined on the cover (at least I think it’s the cover) is a very quick tour considering the distances traveled. A quick check using Google Maps shows that the approximate distance traveled would be about 500 miles and 10 hours. Interestingly enough, were you to recreate the tour today you would still be using the same pre-interstate roads nearly 50% of your trip. And with 5 hours of travel each day, one wonders how short the stops were at places like Cypress Gardens and (McKee) Jungle Garden(s).

I would like to know what “out of season summer oranges” were, because today’s citrus in Florida is still a winter crop.

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