Auto Bus c1980

The Auto Bus was an interesting travel provider between the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and Cocoa Beach. The brochure and accompanying letter are undated. It appears that it’s from the late 1970s or so. It’s a bi-fold brochure with an 8.5 by 11 inch form letter that better explains the service, including the costs. The letter also mentions an “enclosed form” which might have been used by the original owner as it wasn’t with the brochure.

I’m not aware if Auto Bus was successful or how long it operated. It wasn’t a unique idea, however. Starting in 1971 the Auto Train provided a similar service, using a train instead of a bus and a car-hauler. This has the advantage of amenities that a train can provide such as a restaurant, room to walk around and sleeper cars. The Auto Train operated as a private company from 1971 to 1981. In 1983, Amtrak resurrected Auto Train using the same terminals in Lorton, Virginia and Sanford. They even used some of the same rolling stock. The Amtrak Auto Train continues to this day. As of 2019, the cost one way is around $300.

The cost of the Auto Bus some 40 years ago was nearly $200, which included one night in a hotel room at South of the Border. At the time of this brochure, it left from Hazelton, PA. Prior to that it left from Mountain Top, PA. The end point was in Cocoa Beach at the Atlantis Beach Resort.

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