Orlando Army Air Forces 1943

This is a little different than the usual content on my site. It’s a menu and Christmas greeting from the commander of the Army Air Forces Tactical Center in Orlando. Dated 1943, it features 2 terrific drawings of Santa.

This is the Army Air Forces, because it’s before the Air Force (USAF) was split from the Army as a branch of the US military. The Army Air Forces Tactical Center was a major part of the Army Air Forces in World War II. It trained combat operations under simulated field conditions. It was established in November 1942 at Orlando Air Base which today is the Orlando Executive Airport located on Lake Underhill just east of downtown Orlando.

Groups and squadrons that were stationed at Orlando Air Base included:
9th Bombardment Group (1st Bombardment Squadron, 5th Bombardment Squadron, 99th Bombardment Squadron & 430th Bombardment Squadron)
415th Bombardment Group (465th Bombardment Squadron & 667th Bombardment Squadron)
50th Fighter Group (10th Fighter Squadron, 81st Fighter Squadron & 313th Fighter Squadron)