Gulfarium Booklet c1958

A program book for the Gulfarium in Ft. Walton Beach. The Panhandle’s state-of-the art aquarium opened in 1955 and this program dates to only a few years later as it mentions the Casino opened in 1957. The program was given upon admission and provided lots of interesting information and so doubled as a souvenir.

I particularly love the names of the porpoises: Humpty, Dumpty, Jumpty, Thumpty & Sam. The program also rightly points out they are not really porpoises, but bottlenose dolphins, but it doesn’t mention that the different name was used to avoid confusion with the fish species also called a dolphin, which the visitors of the Gulfarium might have for dinner later in the day.

AND remember the Flamingo Lounge is located right next door to the Flamingo Package Store and vice versa.

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