Thomas Cook & Son 1900

By the year 1900, Thomas Cook & Son had been the largest travel planning company in the world for decades. Based in England, Thomas Cook, the man, had all but invented the package holiday tour for the growing British middle class. Over 50 years later the company offered tours and assistance to every destination in the world that travelers could typically go.

They established a magazine called The Excursionist, with versions in English and other languages. This is a copy of an American edition dated August 1900. The magazine contained the timetables of trains and steamships, advertisements for their organized trips as well as everything the Victorian traveler could need or use.

This is the cover and the top half of page 4, as that is the section that concerns Florida. The ad is for the Clyde St. Johns River Line company that ran steam ships from New England to Florida with stops at Jacksonville and then onto the St. Johns River to Palatka and south to Enterprise and Sanford which are located on opposite shores of Lake Monroe. This was generally the furthest south that steamships would travel.