Stingray Tom’s Florida

Welcome to Stingray Tom’s Florida, where you’ll travel through time around the Sunshine State! I’m glad you found your way here!

Please watch this short video to find out what Stingray Tom’s Florida is all about.

Simply put, this is my exploration of tourism in Florida. The 27th US state contains unique and varied natural habitats, fascinating evidence of 14,000 years of human communities as well as one of the earliest European colonizations of the western hemisphere. It’s also been developed in ways few parts of the world have.

I’ve been exploring the Sunshine State since the 1970s. This website is a look at the countless places I’ve visited, photographed and researched. Stingray Tom’s Florida isn’t just a travelogue; on its pages you’ll find information on anything I find interesting in the state.

I’ll tell you about lighthouses, rivers, forts, springs, cathedrals, ferries, islands, highways, endangered animals, roadside attractions, ghost towns, favorite daughters and sons, Victorian architecture, butterfly gardens, inventions, raptor nests, lakes, carillons, zoos, ruins, tiny towns, museums, battlefields, fairs, fishing locations, space launch sites, cemeteries, aquariums and oh so much more!

Stingray Tom’s Florida’s goal is to share Florida, warts and all, especially since some of those warts are part of what makes Florida unique!

There’s a saying among prospectors: ‘Go out looking for one thing, and that’s all you’ll ever find.’” – Henry Flagler, developer of St. Augustine, Palm Beach & Miami & the Overseas Railroad to Key West.

Lightning over Tampa Bay.